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An animated and/or speedy repetitive movement that is usually done unconsciously.

1) An animal who wags a lively tail with great motion

and energy, and it is most of the time done

unconsciously or instinctively.

2) A person, or animal who is high-tailing it out

of a place or situation (leaving with great speed);

getting out of dodge; like a bat out of hell.
1) Our dog gets so excited when he sees us that his flailtail

just about knocks everything over.

2) My friend and I were joking around when we accidentally

knocked over a row of parked motorcycles, so we flail-

tailed it out of there like lightning before anyone noticed.
by mondon February 25, 2013
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A name for any pet or animal whose tail wages as if it were tweaking.
My dog's flailtail cracked the screen of my laptop.
by mondon January 19, 2013
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A person who fucks you out of your plans, makes things go wrong, drains your energy, or uses you for whatever aspect until you no longer have what they want.
We were going camping until that fuckubus slashed the tires on my RV.

It turns out, my wife is quite the fuckubus.

So-and-so is a fuckubus because he used me for a place to stay.
by mondon October 09, 2017
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