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A wickedly funny, insane jester that is willing to chop your nugget off just for shits and giggles. A wicked clown's insanity serves a purpose though: to hold up a mirror to all of your fucked up actions in this life, thereby, hopefully, showing you the error of your ways. See also clown.
You can't run from the psychotic wicked clown!
by Aintyo Bidness August 14, 2003
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plain and simple a clown that murders cuz he must there is no choice in the matter its in his blood its what he must do
ima wicked clown i dont fuck around
by jibbtechytech May 06, 2010
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They are members of the Juggalo family the best in the world lovin those juggalets and reppin that shit all down with the hatchet and can hack it on the real the wicked clown is down for the kill
Yeah im a wicked clown so fucking what I dont give a fuck
by Wicked clown for life May 01, 2009
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A muthafuckin Juggalo who dosent give a fook and well cut you fukin eyes out for no fuckin reason and they wish they die they hope they die just one problem they will never ever die.
Juggalo eyes:I'm Down With Da Clown.MuthaFukin Wicked Clowns!!!Lotus For Life!!
by Juggalo eyes aka Nate December 26, 2008
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