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An animated and/or speedy repetitive movement that is usually done unconsciously.

1) An animal who wags a lively tail with great motion

and energy, and it is most of the time done

unconsciously or instinctively.

2) A person, or animal who is high-tailing it out

of a place or situation (leaving with great speed);

getting out of dodge; like a bat out of hell.
1) Our dog gets so excited when he sees us that his flailtail

just about knocks everything over.

2) My friend and I were joking around when we accidentally

knocked over a row of parked motorcycles, so we flail-

tailed it out of there like lightning before anyone noticed.
by mondon February 25, 2013
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A name for any pet or animal whose tail wags with great speed; a pet's display of extreme happiness, joy, or affection. However, a flailtail can knock things over, break things, and hurt when it accidently whips you.
My dog's flailtail cracked the screen of my laptop.

I can tell my dog isn't feeling very well today because he didn't have a flailtaill when we got home.
by mondon June 05, 2018
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