45 definitions by mojo

simply delicious in taste
Mmmm, this casserole is key, Mrs. Johnson.
by Mojo February 15, 2005
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Glass tube which emits light when an electric current is run through it.
That is one NICE lightbulb.
by MoJo April 18, 2003
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The best place.
Man, West Virginia is sure awesome!
by MoJo April 18, 2003
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to be taken down relentlessly
E.g. u down, u facken down. (often used on computer games)
by Mojo April 07, 2004
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To break out of the steady beat in a song in order to give the listener a little something extra and different.
Rap music uses this tool often to go from the steady pulse of the bass to a much less rythmic vocal rap.

Other phrase: Break them off a little something, something.
by Mojo September 10, 2003
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To strike the heel of your hand to the forehead of another person.

Secondary Definition: hot pink (color)
John's frap colored short-shorts were so un-gyro that I frapped him.
by mojo August 12, 2002
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Alternative name for Malcolm Johnson.
Malcolm 'cunto' Johnson
by mojo December 14, 2004
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