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Another, non-sexual, definition of this widely used term referring to the tragic occurence of what happens when one accidentally super glues one body part to another resulting in a semi-permanent bond that is both frustrating and painful to separate.
Hal: Man, I had some painful bondage last night.

Stu: That's hot dude! With who?

Hal: This tube of Krazy Hold Super Glue.
by mlvd742 December 05, 2009

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The highly anticipated sequel to the original 1999 movie, The Boondock Saints. It was released on October 30, 2009 exclusively to only 67 theaters nationwide; however, expanded to additional theaters in November and again in December.

Due to the first movie practically becoming an instant cult classic, there was much hesitation from the fans who were both eager and skeptic to watch it. Yet, astoundingly enough, the writer and director, Troy Duffy, managed to produce a sequel that was equally as incredible as the first. (Though, the first will always win due to the fact that it was the film that started it all, the second one exceeded just about everyones expectations).

Future viewers can anticipate the following from this film: references to every major scene and joke from the first film, appearances and cameos of ALL (yes, that is somewhat a spoiler) the same characters from the first (including the bartender with Tourette's syndrome and Rocco's girlfriends cat!), do not fret over the addition of a seemingly attractive FBI agent for there is still no underlying theme of a romance (which is yet another reason most people adored the original film), and the anticipation of a third film to be made!
Whoa, the sequel to The Boondock Saints, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, far exceeded my expectations and I now officially adore them both!
by mlvd742 December 08, 2009

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Another definition to this widely used term referring to the act of getting bludgeoned (possibly to death) with the tool known as a hammer.
"I got hammered at Home Depot last night."
by mlvd742 January 12, 2010

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Stands for Down to Fuck: Anything and Everything. See BDTF for full definition as the two can be used interchangably.
Dude: You DTF?

Chick: Oh, I'm DTF A&E!
by mlvd742 December 07, 2009

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In this version of the common DTF, the added letter of B at the beginning makes this stand for Beyond Down to Fuck.

When does one choose stating he/she is DTF versus BDTF? When that individual is up for fucking and beyond, as in, anything or everything will go, and the escapades they are up for may not all include sexual undertones. Perhaps including, but not limited to, adventures of malicious, dangerous, and highly illegal/immoral intent.

Due to unpredictable nature of those titled as BDTF, one should exhibit caution before spending the night alone with what could be one sadistic individual.

This term can be used interchangably with DTF A&E (Down to Fuck: Anything and Everything], yet most prefer BDTF as it is said to "roll off the tounge easier."
Dude 1: Have you heard about Mary?

Dude 2: No dude, what?

Dude 1: Told Joe she was BDTF. Apparently after the three hours of rough sex, she got a knife and stabbed him. She then proceeded to give him a blow job as she stuck her fingers in his slash wounds and painted on her body with his blood.
by mlvd742 December 07, 2009

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Lastly, classification number 5:

5.) Someone whose made-up word pertains only to that individual or is most obviously an inside joke that only they are their friends will care about. While many of the words submitted to this website are created from your own life experiences, when submitting it, you should be focused of submitting your word so that others whom you do not know may laugh and enjoy the definition as well. Sure your word may be derived from "that one night at Jenna's house," yet do not submit it if you are not willing to explain the meaning in a way that others will care about. Also, while many words may be defining a specific individual you know or the definition may contain their name, instead of doing this, rather explain traits attributed to that person so others can relate. Instead of saying that (completely made up example) a defaugh is when someone acts like Jane Doe Smith (perhaps this is a girl you know that is incredibly attractive, but has gross habits of picking her nose in public), then say just that. A defaugh is when a really attractive female commits gross habits in public. There, now everyone can laugh.
I think you are turning into an urbanignoramus.
by mlvd742 December 08, 2009

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Classifications 2 and 3:

2.) Someone who feels the need to post the same definition of an already over defined word with no new or interesting information to speak of on it. Some words have more than one meaning and at times the previous definition(s) may not be fully explained or could have more substance to further enhance its meaning; however, once all aspects have been discussed, you need to stop. There are only so many times someone can post bondage as kinky sex, sex that is kinky, rough sex involving kinky toys or a qweef as a pussy fart, cunt fart, or vaginal flatulence before you really start to just look desperate to get a word in edgewise (pun intended) on this site so that to yourself you appear "so original and inquisitive."

3.) Someone who tends to spend more time defining words with their own personal opinions rather than "facts." (The word facts is in quotations, because although some words on here are real, many are fictitious; however, that should not interfere with your ability to define to others what you take that word to mean, without stating how "awesome" or "disgusting" you think the word is.) For example, instead of defining anal sex as "something that is repulsive and only meant for queers," you should rather be focusing on what it actually is: "penetration of one's anus performed on both men/women that can involve the use of a penis or any numerous sex toys."
Stop being an urbanignoramus!
by mlvd742 December 08, 2009

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