15 definitions by mlvd742

One who exhibits one or more of the following behaviors:

- Constantly blaming anything and everything on their dog who really does nothing wrong at all.

- Obsessed with puns to the point where they send all the ones they can think of to their friends via text.

- Frequently talking in a loud, high-pitched voice to emphasize almost every word they ever speak.

- Having mini seizures everytime someone even attempts to tickle them.

- Spending much time online looking up random videos and commercials that they find to be the greatest thing ever.

- They invent their own "seats" in cars and never actually sit in the designated passenger seats for standing still is a skill they have yet to master.

- Turning any ordinary task into a scene that mimics a porno.

- Amuses themselves by taking hundreds of photos on their phone, only to laugh at each one then delete them.

*Though typically this term describes a male, it can apply to women as well.
Ya know, I'm just going to pull The Andrew Jansick. From now one, every problem I have if Fido's fault!
by mlvd742 December 08, 2009
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