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Nickname for Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The name was derived primarily as a reference to the post-riot urban decay experienced by the city in the latter half of the 20th century, but also is illustrative of the lack of adequate street lighting on many side streets.
I rest where the Park's at; Dark City, where my heart's at.
by mkstyles August 09, 2006

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Statement indicating that one has entered a potentially racially hostile or prejudicial environment. Usually, but not always, used to denote an white majority.

Derived from the song Changes by 2pac. In that song, the subsequent line is "all I see is racist faces".
I told you we shouldn't have come to the country music festival! I see no changes.
by mkstyles November 08, 2006

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Slang for a woman's vagina; a less vulgar euphemism for pussy.
I'm goin' out to the club, try to get me some poodabab tonight!
by mkstyles August 09, 2006

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An expression of disbelief, often in a disgusted or disdainful context. Analogous to "yeah, right" or "as if!"
A: Vanilla Ice was the greatest rapper of all time.
B: Aplenty!


A: That girl was eyein' me in the club.
B: Yeah, she was eyein' you aplenty.
by mkstyles August 09, 2006

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To be the recipient of sexual intercourse. The "muscle" refers to the penis.

The phrase "could get the muscle" by itself is synonymous with "is fuckable"; however, "get the muscle twice" is often used to indicate high attractiveness or physical beauty in a woman.
I guess after a couple more beers, she could get the muscle. But her friend with the fat ass; she could get the muscle twice.
by mkstyles August 09, 2006

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Level of confidence, ability and/or prowess, particularly with the opposite sex; game.

Derived from Dragon Ball Z, in that the greatest warriors in that anime would have ridiculously high power levels.
So you spent $200 on dinner, took her ass shopping, helped her move out her apartment, and you didn't get no poodabab afterwards? Man, your power level real low.
by mkstyles April 01, 2008

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Ass, buttocks, rear end, booty. An intentional mispronunciation of "hindparts".
That girl had the fattest honponce I've ever seen.
by mkstyles August 09, 2006

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