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The West Stand of the City of Manchester Stadium - named after former Manchester City player Colin Bell
by mike f November 13, 2003
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Strong alcohol. A .45 caliber handgun, powerful.
by mike f February 16, 2003
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the act of a female sucking the cum out of a condom after the man has ejaculated in it.
Jeremy was pleased to find out after his first sexual experience with Jen that she was a real deal balloon gulper.
by mike f August 22, 2004
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(noun). A condition in which someone misses Deidre so much and thinks that they need to hang so badly, that the person begins to shutdown, losing the will to eat, sleep, booze, (gasp !).
I miss Deidre so much that I think I"m coming down with a case of mustseedeidreitis.
by mike f April 6, 2005
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Something described as cheap (in both senses of the word), bad quality, or bad taste... or someone who just plain sucks.
"C'mon, man. Gimmie five dollars. No? Deng yo... yo grimey as hell!"
by mike f January 21, 2004
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A person who is scared, or WEAK or cowardly.
That little wimp is pathetic.
by mike f February 16, 2003
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An abhorment, grimey specimen of the human race. Usually characterized by being totally unashamed/oblivious of one's physical unappealing apperance and showing it off publicly. Also characterized by sticking out pubes, overgrown chest hair (especially nipple hair), unibrows, tight underwear around the crouch.
"Don't look behind you now, but an overweight 30 year-old is running down the boardwalk." "Oh God. He's wearing purple speedos. How skeevy."
by mike f January 21, 2004
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