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The most common of these kids comes onto kong and tells everyone that they've got it going for all of them, including GF/BFs.

They will always claim to be some sort of weed addict to make themselves look more rebellious and troubled than they actually are.

Will never EVER put pictures of themselves up on the internet. This can be particularly awkward when a person who befriended said loner asks the person for more photos without showing their own. This is either because they have low self esteem, or they are slightly camera shy.

When asked for a picture of themselves, they will go all shy, and make a lame excuse as to why they don't have a camera or want to put photos of them on the web.

Failing appearing as someone they're not, makes another elaborate story with people newly aquainted with said subject.

Lectures everyone and everyone who tries to chat with another person, and uses philosophical quotes they do not understand. Usually, attempts to correct grammatical mistakes at all costs.

Finally, in terms of when it is the girl who is desperate and lonely, she seems to make friends with a male who is generally nice, and somewhat well known in chat, and clings to them. What starts out as something cute and refreshing turns out to be a pathetic lie, as the girl tries to ply attention out of him with even more elaborate stories about her life and how shit it is.

Said girl will also use some random scene girl's pic and pass it off as their own.

Loner: Hi. That's my GF over there. Aren't we really cute?
Regular: Oh hi. Hi to GF too. Can I take your msn?

2 months later:

Regular: Hey. How come there's no pictures of you and your GF?
Loner: Uhm...*blocks regular*

(On Kongregate)

Regular: Hey he went offline when I asked for pics
Regular 2: Must be some fat ugly loner...
Loner: *goes to a different room*


Troll: *spams up chat*
Loner: Stop spamming, fail troll.
Regular: I want some more regulars to come on, with only the two of us, it is a bit boring
Loner: Yeah..
Regular 2: Agreed...its also going to get hella boring with that loner over there muscling in on everything anyone says like its his business. He thinks he's a regular too. Look...
Regular: Lets tinychat
Regular 2: Cool.
Loner: *turns up uninvited to tinychat*
by midnightpanda June 14, 2010

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N. An Over Opinionated person or group are a bunch of people who are so deluded as to think that on the broad scale, where others' opinions largely do not matter, they will have the most outrageously high chance of being heard. Said groups of people will form groups called 'Debating Societies', or 'Politics Societies' not just so they can invite Normies to tell people what they believe, but to shout at them for believing in what they do. Said groups will also include one kid who does not know when to stop shouting in the belief his opinion conquers all.

Over Opinionated people also tend to be obsessed with watching 24 Hour news channels, and try to tell people why News is more fun and important than Comedy. They will typically be religious, and will tend to back up their religion by just saying 'The Bible' is absolute unquestionable evidence, and will try to enforce their beliefs, believing further that people will bow down before them and agree with their opinions like they are dictators. Typically, when someone criticises an Over Opinionated person, said person will come down the critic like 4 tonnes of bricks, resulting in complete alienation of said groups and people. These people are also conservatives, who, obviously, do not talk about policy, but bad mouth other parties just to shut them up

Hence the reason why people never attend these meets at Recess or Tuesday Nights.
Over Opinionated:

Person A: Voting for another party might be good.
Person B: Yeah, anyone other than the Conservatives
Person C: Rubbish. I've always been a Conservative. You two do not know anything about politics
Person B: (Attempts to talk Person C through Other's Manifesto)
Person C: Blah Blah save it. TORY TORY TORY!
by midnightpanda April 26, 2010

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A person on the internet, most likely a loser, who uses people, especially girls, to to anything he so wishes. He will charm girls he does not know, then 'groom' them, as it were, then persistently tell them how he loves them, and wishes he could buy a plane ticket to come and 'visit' her. Also uses falsified, glorified, less than bona-fide claims like he has cancer, or is injured in some fatal way.

Yet, the girl always knows this guy is lying terribly, and when he is confronted, he will get angry or sad with her, and do whatever he can to try and stay near her, even when she has blocked him.

He is a massive attention whore, and a huge Narcissist.

Care should be taken to avoid this fellow, for as unlikely as it sounds, he might stop cyber dating and meet someone for real, and kidnap them.
Internet Wazzock: Ohh you know that quake we had in Cali? I grandfather clock fell on me, and i got glass right through my pupil and am scared to go to the doctor...

Person: Oh yeah? Like the time you said you had Cancer?

Internet Wazzock: I'm not lying *tries to back up with outlandish claims*
by midnightpanda April 18, 2010

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