Means "One of the best."

Can be used as a compliment or to describe something.
Joel: ay bro which restaurant we headin to
Nathan: we heading to five guys their cheeseburger is ootb

Frank: i just found yo homework at school want me to bring it to you
Tyler: yea thx you ootb
by meteor_melee November 4, 2020
Acronym for 'Out Of The Box'. Also meaning 'too far', weird-o, beyond sad.
'You're mom's a planet!'
by Dephunkd April 28, 2004
Out Of The Blue
i.e. apros of nothing whatsoever, non sequiter, randomly. Can be used simularly to btw.
"So I was talking to Joe about the garden, and ootb he asked me to marry him! Can you beleive that guy?"
by Lisia August 15, 2006
Out of Town Behavior: Misbehaving conduct that only occurs when people travel outside their local geographic area and then perform in ways they wouldn't be dead caught doing in their hometown. Usually a girls or guys weekend trip to somewhere like Vegas, AKA girls gone wild.
The girls went to Vegas over the weekend and displayed some serious OOTB.
by jlfjlf September 2, 2008
Acronym for Order of the Bro, a secret monarchic society governed by the Bromomancers and their Broboxian Disciples.
I wish i was cool enough to get into the OOTB.
by Bromomancer_Prometheus February 7, 2009