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by meow April 13, 2005
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A misinterpretation of the name "Namco" which is actually the name of a few major companies, including the video game company, the toy company, and the North American Marketing Company. COntrary to popular belief, this misconception of the name was believed to have been started by employees of a pool store, who deceptively re-named a number of their products and personnel.
"Thank you for shopping at your local Nacmo"
by meow August 11, 2003
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A variation of the word glomp used for evil doing.
Mr Sam glömped me so I slapped him with a trout.
by meow May 06, 2004
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One who give its to someone who is a dexter worddexter/word
Look at that guy egor'ing the dexter
by meow February 14, 2003
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a fisher of men, often found fishing around puddles in maidstone. Shouts out the word meat a lot for a mating call then fists you when you get within 10 meteres
omg a fisher of men it must be an el eazy!
by meow January 11, 2005
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(n.) The appendix is an internal organ. Its primary function is to digest seeds. Serious complications usually arise if you consume seeds after having it removed.
Ben, it's dangerous for you to eat fruit that contains smalls seeds, since your appendix was removed.
by meow December 08, 2003
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