3 definitions by mental_turmoil

People think they’re all that but most of them are racist/homophobic/sexist. There are the few exceptions of the smart feminist ones that deserve the world but, those are rare.
“Dude i think i just got hatecrimed
“what. by who?”
“some Naps Men”
“yeah that adds up”
by mental_turmoil July 31, 2021
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More big than biggest
Mario: “that tree is bigerer than my house-”

By Tallboy
by mental_turmoil February 10, 2020
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Gemini’s,an air sign,are incredibly confusing, they have two sides, a mean,introverted and violent side, and a kind,funny and talkative side

Don’t get them angry cause you know, you may or may not end up in a casket cause they aren’t afraid to violently attack you

Don’t break their heart either cause they will make you SORELY regret your decision

Most Gemini’s always say that they aren’t good looking, even if they are, they don’t think so, they are also usually depressed
Eg. Kylie: “wait she’s a Gemini?! Just don’t break her heart, or she might break you

Eg: John: “you’re dating a Gemini? Lucky”
Josh: “yh but she is kinda bipolar”
John: “yeah don’t worry, she’s a Gemini, what do you expect”
by mental_turmoil February 10, 2020
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