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A phrase common in the gay community to mean that one is publicly interested in anonymous sex. It refers to the practice of one turning ones banana bunch curved upward in the shopping cart at the grocery store. This practice means that the "cart pusher" is looking to get his "cart pushed."
While Grant was at the store simply shopping for strudel, he was quickly distracted when he saw that Brandon had gone bananas up.
by meatlocker January 11, 2011

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a state in which one is at a loss for all words to text, tweet or type.
When Katie read her hero Ben's text inviting her to the game, she couldn't even respond with an "OMG". She was absolutely thumbstruck.
by meatlocker October 10, 2009

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The coolest anything can get. Something so cool, amazing and invigorating it makes you close your eyes, tilt your head back and smile. Almost as if you were to dip your crotch into a giant bowl of jello on a scorching hot day.
"This girl is so dope," Grant exclaimed, "she paid for lunch and suggested we head back to her place to watch the game. She's like 'crotch jello' cool."

"Is the new Beastie Boys album cool?" I asked.
"Crotch Jello," she replied.
by meatlocker April 16, 2011

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When someone reaches inside your ass and literally steals your shit. The Hot Burgle typically coincides with sexual acts, but can also be achieved while the victim is sleeping or passed out.
Eric knew Kathy would steal his heart but he had no idea what he was in for until she hot burgled him.
by meatlocker January 15, 2011

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Pronounced as you would the combination of "Ho" and "Canine," it refers to a female who is not only extremely unattractive, but also sexually permissive.
I can't understand why Grant is interested in that honine. She's so ugly and loose, she probably has multiple rabies babies.
by meatlocker December 02, 2011

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adjective suggesting the level of appropriateness of any smartphone application for use while one is relieving oneself. Said relief is typically in the form of defecation.
Angry Birds, Scrabble and Thumbstruck are all great applications to use while you're on the toilet. They're very appropoo.
by meatlocker April 27, 2011

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The act of being a broke ass student.
I can't go out tonight, on account of the studonomic crisis I am in.
by MeatLocker November 03, 2014

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