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A prank often pulled in British secondary schools, where the unsuspecting victim's bag is turned inside out, or cabbaged.

The victim's bag is taken, emptied, turned inside out, refilled and returned to them, without them knowing anything about it.
Joe: Hey Jack! Shaun's not looking! Let's cabbage his bag!

Shaun: (looks under chair) Oh for God's sake!
by matthewj4x December 08, 2012
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A way to describe someone so drunk/stoned they can't stand up in the shower.
Matty: Hey Joe, can you remember what happened last night?

Joe: Nah, I can't... must've had a sit-down shower.
by matthewj4x August 28, 2013
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Smart people do this when their computer comes with an inferior operating system, especially Windows 8.
Matt: Hey Aidan, I got this totally awesome new laptop! It's got an Intel Core i7 quad-core, dual Nvidia graphics and 12GB of memory!

Aidan: What operating system does it have? Windows 8?

Matt: Yep, so I'm gonna be upgrading to Windows 7!

Aidan: Then we can play Borderlands!
by matthewj4x February 20, 2014
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(Or outernet meme) A meme that gained popularity by distribution outside the internet.

The word "extranet" is a retronym - a word used to describe an object or entity that has been superseded by a new kind of thing, where the original object or entity was not previously described using the new word.

Examples: email and snail mail (snail mail being the retronym for ordinary "mail"); quantum mechanics and classical mechanics (before the discovery of quantum mechanics the way matter interacts on the superatomic scale was simply "mechanics"); and finally, internet meme and extranet meme.
Examples of popular extranet memes:

Keep Calm and Carry On

Pretty much any idea that became widespread without using the Internet.
by matthewj4x September 15, 2014
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