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an action performed:

1) for luck.

2) to exclude oneself from the rules which would normally apply.

3) to imply that "we're like *that*", ie as close to each other as two crossed fingers

Can be represented by the emoticon (yn); apparently this pictorially resembles crossed fingers ...
1) fingers crossed for your driving test!

2) "It": Tagged you!
Taggee: No, you can't, cos my i've got my fingers crossed.

Ma: How could you lie to me, Johnny!?
Johnny: It wasn't really a lie, ma; I had my fingers crossed behind my back.

Cop: You're under arrest, Sonny Jim.
Boy: You can't arrest me, cos I had my fingers crossed when I burgled all those houses...

3) Mafioso: Me and the Don; we're like *that*
Other guy: (gulp)...
by Mathilda Underfoot February 07, 2010
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The sort of word you might find on UD... Young-people talk. That scary language they speak to each other in the streets, using their own special words for things, hang on mate I'm not wearing me hearing aid...

From euphemism and youth.
Carvy innit? Proper chavoid. Like, gert wallops an' that! Wodjerbleevit? Chudhees! 180 the beeatch sez Oi.

(a series of youthemisms overheard in Bristol, England)
by Mathilda Underfoot February 04, 2010
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A subtle expression of disbelief at someone being totally blind to the self-delusion in what they've just said.

Echoes the sound of "That's OK then", and is usually used ironically.

It's not homophobic, but is a response to people saying things like "I slapped DeepHeat (Ralgex, Wintergreen, ...) on my mate's wedding tackle. It wasn't gay because it was in the showers after football practice".

See, eg, Flap Jacks for further examples.
A: I just ran someone over in the street, but it doesn't matter because they were already in a wheelchair.
B: Well, that's not gay then.

Politician: Military deaths in Afghanistan/iRaq have reached X, but civilian deaths don't count.
Political commentator: That's not gay then.

A: I 69'ed my mate yesterday, but it wasn't gay because we both spat it out.
B: Actually that was a bit gay of you. Nearly as gay as a treeful of parrots. You couldn't get much more gay without donning a backless gimp suit and chaining yourself to a lamp-post outside a gay nightclub in Gayton at closing time.

A: I gimp-suited up and handcuffed myself to a lamp-post, but it wasn't gay because I was drunk, and anyway I had my fingers crossed at the time.
B: 'Nuff sed.
by Mathilda Underfoot February 07, 2010
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1) Very wrong.

2) Right (rare usage)
1) "... It's a privilege to have people listen to your views, and if people get them arse backwards sometimes, that's the price you have to pay ..." -- Alexei Sayle, comedian, satirist and Young Ones co-star, after apparently dissing his home city.

2) Bill: I put my trousers on arse-backwards today.
Ben: Well done. That's correct.
by Mathilda Underfoot April 11, 2010
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A Facebook-inspired kiddy-fad which contributes to the slow drowning in dross of the Interweb.
Have you been on UrbanDictionary since the dam' Social Networkers started a fad for inventing a "definition" of your own/your "special" friend's/your ex's name?
It's been completely Facefooked! It's like UD was porked in the eyesocket by a wildebeeste. With AIDS.
by Mathilda Underfoot February 05, 2010
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Ready for penetration from behind.
Frank Zappa: She was buns-up, kneeling...
Backing vocals: ................#buns-up...

(from "Dy-na-moe Hum")
by Mathilda Underfoot February 06, 2010
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Portmanteau word formed from Braggadocio (a braggart in Spenser's Faerie Queene) and cock.

1 Boasting implausibly about one's own (or one's boyfriend's) virile member.

2 By extension, any entry on a social networking site where the writer attempts to kiss his own starfish in an endless cycle of self-aggrandisement.
1) I see you've put a mock 'definition' of your own name on Urbandictionary. "{insert name here} - a boy with a sunny nature and an 18 inch wang". That's a real piece of braggacockio.

2) Oh dear, I've just been rejected by yet another female 'cause I'm hung like a dormouse. I'd best go online and indulge in some braggacockio to cheer myself up.
by Mathilda Underfoot February 03, 2010
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