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Derived transliterally from the Japanese word 'Katapan' which is a combined form of two words 'Kata' meaning shoulders and 'Pan' which comes from the english word 'Punch' meaning the act of hitting an object with closed fist.
A lot of ignorant, dumb, spoiled, and ego-boosted, kids from 12-18 of age who think they are really bad-ass and the center of attention play this so called 'game'.
This game is practiced almost everywhere in schools, homes, facilities, outdoors, private or public in Japan. It is more common though, in places like an All-Boys Catholic School, eg. St. Mary's International Schools of Abundant Guys. Seeing dumb, hyper kids playing Katapan on the streets often says a lot about their mentality level and undeveloped human nature.
The game is really simple. Two kids usually get together to punch each other's shoulder while taking turns. Whoever can bare more pain usually wins.
Simply said; 'Dumbass Game'
Look at those two hopeless fucker....
Are they playing Katapan?
by master unity mind April 07, 2008
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Usually used to describe people with extra talent or high IQ.
Originated in Japan after the genius Mule Yoshida
duuude, don't act like yur yoshidass cuz u not
by master unity mind April 09, 2008
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(N.) Used to define men who shove their dicks against people around him. Happens most of the time in crowded places, such as a morning public train.
Mr. Coppz is a Crowd Rhino.
by master unity mind April 07, 2008
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A form of fart that makes no noise when released but consequentially smells horrendous and fatal. Often performed by individuals lacking courage or pride. Also known as the 'Silent Killer' or 'Silent Bomb'
Dude, you fucking crack kweefed?
crack kweef? who you kiddin
by master unity mind April 07, 2008
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(v.) an act of running off to the bathroom, when in bed with your parter and getting close to orgasm, and scooping the shit out of the toilet bowl that you let out an hour ago to only come back running to your sexually desirefully waiting opponent and mash it hardcore in his/her face.
*This action often comes with consequences when used as a birthday surprise.
Stacy: Hey Jane, you won't believe what happened yesterday between Wil and I.
Jane: You Bang'd him?
Stacy: Better, I gave him a Peaceful Temple!
Jane: You're goddess!
by master unity mind April 07, 2008
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originally was the tallest tower in the world until 1988. this erected tower is the high spot for all stoners and pot heads to celebrate 420, weekends, weekdays, and what not. at 350 meters above ground level with the best view 360 degrees around, tokyo tower provides the best publically approved smoking spot ever.
get blazed in tokyo tower
by Master Unity Mind April 23, 2008
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1) A form of expression used to emphasis agreement. This term, however, is and can only be used in specific unique moments. When one feels ridiculously rad and gangster since waking up, and this feeling persists throughout the day, at any point, when another 'gangster feeling' party offers you a 'gangster idea or suggestion', you can simply respond by shouting out clear and concise, the word 'Jugga'! Note: put emphasis on the 'GGA' part, more so than the 'JU' part.

2) Straight up G
satoshi: you wanna blaze
kim: fucking a, juGGA!
satoshi: word

hayato: you toked?
kim: like a muffuckin juGGA!
by master unity mind July 29, 2010
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