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Derived transliterally from the Japanese word 'Katapan' which is a combined form of two words 'Kata' meaning shoulders and 'Pan' which comes from the english word 'Punch' meaning the act of hitting an object with closed fist.
A lot of ignorant, dumb, spoiled, and ego-boosted, kids from 12-18 of age who think they are really bad-ass and the center of attention play this so called 'game'.
This game is practiced almost everywhere in schools, homes, facilities, outdoors, private or public in Japan. It is more common though, in places like an All-Boys Catholic School, eg. St. Mary's International Schools of Abundant Guys. Seeing dumb, hyper kids playing Katapan on the streets often says a lot about their mentality level and undeveloped human nature.
The game is really simple. Two kids usually get together to punch each other's shoulder while taking turns. Whoever can bare more pain usually wins.
Simply said; 'Dumbass Game'
Look at those two hopeless fucker....
Are they playing Katapan?
by master unity mind April 07, 2008
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