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to get pregnant; an unplanned pregnancy, unwanted.
fuck yo! i just knocked up this bitch, now i gotta pay child support!
by master p March 03, 2005

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A brilliant political activist/brilliant former lead singer of DK.
by Master P July 02, 2003

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Used when asking someone to hurry the fuck up !
Chad, your round for drinks, quick sticks!!
by Master P June 21, 2004

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Adjective describing someone with high levels of intelligence, and god-like features.
Likes to use its wits against feeble-minded people.

-"Oh! I wish I could be a little bit more lalu."
-"Pete is so lalu, he dissed that hoe to oblivion."
by Master P July 13, 2003

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A word used by the pyschopathic mind of shawn owens, who constantly is trying to kill the jamaican kid that sits in front of him. Gingerfrints was formed by fucking up the word fingerprints. The kid is a god damn, wolfbagging, fucktard. The word is now widely used to make fun of the kid. Straughn rules.
"Mr. Straughn, couldn't they of gotten his gingerfrints from the gun?"
by Master P December 15, 2004

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The biggest procrastinator in the world!!!!!!!!
by Master P May 13, 2003

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