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When you smile or become excited even though you know you are about to get your ass kicked.
The girl looked at the perp with a manushi look on her face.
by marley February 09, 2005
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This is a greeting meant to say what's up, what's crackin', or another such colloquial greeting. The reason it is popular is because Poppin' Fresh is the Pillsbury Doughboy's former name (the name was changed to update little Freshy's character and bring him into modern times). The phrase is not questioning what Poppin' Fresh is, rather it is using poppin' in it's slang meaning, and it is using fresh as a noun, not an adjective. Fresh refers to the person being addressed by the question.
Bob: Yo
Joe: Yo, what's poppin' fresh?
Bob: Not much kid, what's crackalackin'
by marley June 16, 2006
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best fucking band in the history of music. better than the beatles, sex pistols and the clash. nobody can compare to them. everybody else is fucking trash and full of shit if they think they're better than the ramones. they rule and that is all.
The moon is full, the air is still,
All of a sudden I feel a chill,
Victor is grinning, flesh rotting away,
Skeletons dancee, I curse this day,
And the night when the wolves cry out,
Listen close and you can hear me shout.
by marley March 28, 2005
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the other fucking coolest girl in the world, and way cooler than connor.
there is no example. but shes just a girl.
by marley March 21, 2005
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the name of my ideal woman. she is kind, fair, and beautiful. she is also with someone else, a guy who has nothing in common with her and doesn't appreciate her the way i did.
You could be watching for Kinleys your entire life and no matter the sacrifice she will be worth it. If you ever find such a girl, don't ever let go.
by marley February 17, 2004
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The term "Yorkvillian" is a non-slang term that defines the people who live in Yorkville on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. When used by young, lower-class members of the Yorkville neighborhood to describe themselves, the term takes on a new meaning for both themselves and others.

To the person referring to themself as a "yorkvillain", the person is a street-wise, down, chill person who is familiar with both rap and graffiti.

On the contrary, however, the meaning of the word "yorkvillain" (or rather what it implies to those who hear someone addressing themself as such) changes and means the opposite. The person who uses "yorkvillain" to describe themself is anything but. They are usually of herb origin and have no formal education. Further, their knowledge of rap music is minimal and reflects their small brain size. Their freestyles use whack words and typical phrases and lack consistency in both content and flow.
ONE USING THE TERM ON THEMSELF: Yo man, I am such a yorkvillian, I am the dopest there ever was! Watch me freestyle now
by marley June 14, 2006
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