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Rollover minutes is when You dont you all your minutes on your cell phone, and the left over minutes go to the next month
"dude, you have a todal of 50 minutes left for this month. If you dont you use them jeff, the minutes will rollover to next month
by mariah November 07, 2004

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A males "product" (penis)
Dale said to Jane, "What is this, grandma with a present? Suck my tanonna you dumb bitch!"
by Mariah March 19, 2005

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1 a camel toe for men, which girls laugh at him. Scrot wings term is really just for middle/high school
girls: Ha ha ha ha
guy: whats so funny?
girls: you've a scrot wings!
guy: ......
by mariah December 29, 2004

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An expression meaning "cool", known only within the VC.
Korin: Man that is so tmooshe.
Becca: Yeah dude, so tmooshe.
by Mariah December 05, 2004

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Crappy, sucky situation, can be modified to shaktastic. Derived from Shack and it's corresponding crappyness
Man I had a shacky day
by Mariah January 09, 2004

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Female's Vagina (also known as a sheena)
Jane said to her friend Carol "lick my hooie!"
by Mariah March 19, 2005

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To use before insulting a male or female.
"here's a fun fact.........

You made out w/ your sister man!"
by Mariah March 19, 2005

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