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A form of self-censorship practiced at work to avoid offensive or cuss words. Typically includes cuss-replacements you learned from your grandma. Potentially embarrassing if accidentally used outside of work at parties or in the company of your drunk friends.

May also be used in the company of grandparents, teachers, preachers, and others who disapprove of cussing.

Does not apply to all professions. Musicians and construction workers have no need for a work mouth.
At work:
-Did you just say fuck?
-Yeah, sorry. I forgot to use my work mouth.

At a party:
-Did you just say fiddlesticks?
-Yeah, sorry. I still have my work mouth on.
by mandawoowoo December 20, 2010
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Alternate term for ecstasy. Used mostly when trying to disguise what one is talking about.
Is stacy going to be at the party tonight?
by MandaWooWoo July 11, 2011
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An out-of-order Redbox machine, or one that doesn't have any viable movie options.
I wanted to rent a DVD, but the store only had a deadbox. Nothing but romantic comedies and Vin Diesel movies.
by MandaWooWoo July 11, 2011
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Made with barley + carbonated like sodapop = barleypop.
Hey man, wanna go grab a barleypop after work?
by MandaWooWoo July 12, 2011
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One who insists on monogamy not only in his/her own relationship, but also the relationships of others.
Our friend Terry is a monogamust, and always gives us shit for having an open relationship.
by MandaWooWoo July 11, 2011
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DRUG-uhl, v.

To cope with a difficult situation by using drugs, alcohol, medications, etc.
-Wow, Shaquita is really out of it.
-Yeah, she's been druggling with the death of her cat lately.

-Oh man, it's going to be a big druggle to get through this weekend when I go visit my family
by MandaWooWoo July 06, 2011
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Short-lived celebrity of someone who did something stupid and not fame-worthy.
I hate that stupid Rebecca Black song. I'm glad her 15 minutes of lame are up.
by MandaWooWoo July 11, 2011
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