71 definition by man!?

1-No man understand why, Dracula has stayed no man, still in film & WB or its cartoons?!
2- - I ask you, midge, leave me at all, of the idea of Madeleine, she is an old cat, nope: She is repeated & ugly & her house is a no man home, to be catching guests through it!!!
by man!? March 29, 2018

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bad feeling, suspicious and doubtful, even daring parents of a marriage of a child of them, after that had been heard of the act and becoming bankrupt at spirrits of them.
Th stubborn parrents of me are staying by telephone, and theastons can rescue my new wife form a now life of her like a soft fart.
by man!? January 16, 2018

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A redundant person cause is mixed with oldness and a lot wealth, that causes indifference for it, not watching for example the we young pals
I consume thoughts that: ugh this neighborhood of recent of the dead unconscious of me, here is, but not is with us which are rather young ones,but the old one,s with ten ten too full ofSolomon men also, with her: With beards and big pants of them and they that are fat: They are really with her & indeed are old men & gosh!!!
by man!? October 07, 2017

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2-a cool man which doesn,t marry a female till years of
1-The dude is a numb, there at bank, doesn,t stamp or sign after our moneys look down there as fatherless sums.
2-Mick, is a numb whenever does not turn any tail for Liza, as much as she he asks him for a marriage, but no!
by man!? September 11, 2017

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a jealous dried female, out of her witness for a non- tiring love affair of a couple of lovers.
Monument, of Nancy there was down, just at the edge of the bed, stunned, when he saw that guest friends of her, were fast and seriously, inside, in love.
by man!? August 22, 2017

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a french woman,s magazine, that for usual! also, has become herself whore shop, at back of her store, for men that they near them to her, for sex, with paying money or not, to her again!
Cousin of mine, a "tore" was! that she really angered me for none reputative preference of her in a magazine of her in Paris.
by man!? July 31, 2017

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A smart person
I had seen that Pink Panther, whirling around in a non stop way, all around of our neighbor hood for more smart deeds to be done.
by man!? June 22, 2017

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