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pants that young guys with identity problems like to wear. shit britches do not fit properly whether around the waist or the inseam, it exposes the wearer's underwear, and it weighs down their pants like they just shit them. shit britches also make the wearer walk like gumby and several other cartoon characters and keeps them from being able to run from the police in the event they "bust a stupid dope move" and feel the desperate need to prove their manhood (usually unsuccessfully).

the origins of shit britches are debatable, but it most likely came from prison punks (aka. prison bitches) providing easy access to their cellmates for some instant romance. chicks don't usually think shit britches are sexy so it really amounts to a form of fashion that guys wear for other guys.
Yo G, those shit britches really show your feminine side!
by malinguist March 03, 2010
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A DJ who only plays up to about a minute and a half of each of the songs he/she is mixing, as if they have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
I wish that dumbass ADDDJ would play a whole frigging song!
by malinguist March 06, 2011
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heterosexual (as in 'AC' in contrast to 'DC'). more likely a ubersexual or metrosexual.
Q: is bob gay?
A: no, he's alpha charlie.
by malinguist February 06, 2011
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fucked up black underachiever
yo yo yo, i don't know what fubu means but that sheeit is dope, rhymes with soap. damn, my pants are fallin' down like I wanna be fucked in the ass by my cellmate.
by malinguist March 03, 2010
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