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Version of the sims in which you play online along with other people and are able interact with them, live with them, etc.

very addicting.
I'm going to come home from school, not do my homework and play the sims online.
by Sea and The Rhythm May 31, 2005
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A totally new concept, that uses radical ideas such as 'chatting' 'online' and the underground PC game 'The Sims ©' to create a wonderful haven of paedophiles, 11 year old girls, and 49 year old men pretending to be 11 year old girs/paedophiles
"omf a/s/l?? u wanna go and cyberz on "The Sims© Online" i kno a gr8 plase were dez dis brothel run by diz 14 yer old grl! lamofrol!!1one *snort*"

-communication ended
by Noodle December 17, 2003
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