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A fat man's tits. used to criticize fat men, especially by the beaches. Origninated from the word- droop. droop means hanging/saggy/greasy kinda.

other forms of the word- droopies, droopy ass tits
two kids walking down the lake see a fat man without his shirt.

Kid #1- hey look at that fat ass!
Kid #2- woah!
Fat Man- leave me alone
Kid #1- we would if you would put your shirt on
Kid #2- yeah man put away those god damn nasty ass droops
Fat man- ok ok i will! im sorry.
by Luke Lay February 04, 2008
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This is the one person that doesnt have a date, when everyone else does in the group. All of your friends go on a movie, so you decide to tag along but find out they brought girls and you didnt, leading you to feel awkward as shit, or stupid, or if your just gay, nothing. i've personally done this a bunch of times and its not fun, and i dread doing it. other terms- wheeling it, 3rd/5th/7th/etc wheel.

John: Hey Eric, what are you doing tonight?
Eric: Nothing much, going to the movies with a few people.
John: Mind if i tag along?
Eric: Na, movie starts at 7, we are meeting there.
John: Alright
(7'o Clock)
John: Hey guys!
Eric/Matt/Bill/Alex: sup john, wheres your date?
John: i dont have one?
Matt: Well looks like your the wheel tonight.
John: Wow thats fucking stupid.


Jake: You guys are fucking faggots, i didnt know i was wheeling it last night.
Paul: Sorry man, we thought you would bring someone.
Jake: Well next time you guys go out somewhere and want me to come, tell me if you guys are bringing girls or not, i fucking hate being the wheel

by Luke Lay July 29, 2008
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An Onomatopoeia. Pronunciation: haa-wuht. It's a noise/sound/whatever you make to acknowledge someone as being stupid and to insult them. However, it's very lenient in usage. You can use it to show indifference, boredom, or just about anything to insult someone.

ex 1: Herbert comes in wearing a green shirt and purple pants.
John: Hawot

ex 2:
Jim: Dude, what's up?
Riley: Not much, you?
Jim: I'm ecstatic! I just got a girlfriend!
Riley: Hawot.

ex 3:
Pip: Hey you wanna come over?
Mike: and do what?
Pip: We can play my new nintendo DS and eat some popcorn!
Mike: Hawot.

by Luke Lay January 16, 2009
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A person who has teeth that are either normal/yellower colors, and has bits of bright white chunks on some parts of his teeth.
2 kids are in a middle of an argument.

Kid #1- "dude your the stupidest kid ive ever seen"
Kid #2- "i guess but you got cum tooth"
Kid #1- "im speechless, why so personal"
Kid #2- "sorry, its the truth though"
by Luke Lay March 17, 2008
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To go somewhere you would never go to for any reason other than to smoke marijuana -- usually a blunt(to 'rip' a blunt) -- and leaving as soon as the session is finished due one or many of the following:
1. Saw a cop earlier
2. The little-to-a-shitload of paranoia the marijuana produced
3. It's cold as fuck
4. You have to catch something(like a movie or family dinner) that required you to be high in the first place
5. The whole situation is just sketchy

To 'dip' means to dip out of the place, dip out of the situation, etc.
Pip and Quart are smoking a schwag beezy in the Target parking lot:
Pip: Hey Quart, it's roachin' now, let's hurry up.
Quart: Why hurry Pip? I was thinking we could bust out the bong after this blunt.
Pip: Naa, I'm good - high as fuck and I'm kinda gettin paranoid..
Quart: Damn... not again bro, you gotta cut that shit out if you're gonna rip with me.
Pip: Well I wouldn't be as paranoid if we didn't see that cop car a few min ago.
Quart: Yeah I guess, let's just rip and dip.

Same people above are smoking yet again, another schwag beezy in the creek behind Pip's neighborhood.
Pip: Yo Quart, this roach is about to die, should I kill it?
Quart: Yeah I got the piece here too.
Pip: Na man, I was plannin on just rippin' and dippin' tonight, no long sessions - I have a popcorn family party to catch in a few minutes.
Quart: Oh wow you're a pussy Pip. It's fine I guess, I'll jus smoke it at the party I'm going to later tonight.
by Luke Lay March 28, 2010
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Poker term. the lowest possible straight a player could get. Ace(counts as "1" in this case) through 5
ace, 2, 3, 4, 5.

From the movie "The Rounders"
Mike McDermmet-
"well,what i have is known as the wheel. it has earthy tones, smooth draw, and enough kick to win me the high and the low."
2 players playing poker-

Player 1 is dealt, Ace, 5.
Player 2 is dealt, King, King.

Player 2 raises, player 1 calls.
FLOP- 2, 3, 4.

Player 2 goes all in. Player 1 calls.

Player 1- "i have the wheel"
player 2- "Fuck"
by Luke lay June 14, 2007
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A Good Ass song.

Since the phrase good ass song is now a bit cliche, use

2 people are talking about music.
(sorry if you like the band, just my opinion)

Person 1: Dude i'm going to the Matchbox 20 show tonight!
Person 2: Dude, they blow.
Person 1: I guess, but they have one 'goose song'
Person 2: What song?
Person 1: "How Far We've Come" obviously.
Person 2: Oh yea! that song is a 'goose song!'
by Luke Lay March 17, 2008
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