1. An adjective used to show how you damn good you think something is.
2. The opposite of a bad ass; a non-violet, level-headed young person.
3. A particularly fine bottom.
1. "This is a good ass piece of cheese!"
2. "Look at that guy, studying when he could be could be doing semi-illegal things! Pah, what a good ass!"
3. "You see that girl? I think she has a really good ass!"
by BootySmuggler August 19, 2013
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a term used much like bad ass but is used as to not create any confusion about the situation.
to clarify things
man that was a bad ass game of pool...
What man did you lose?
No man it was good i won...(Here would be a perfect situation to use good ass)
by zenroller February 15, 2005
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When you find a girl with a dam good looking ass.
by Dez strebor December 2, 2018
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An ass that is not only visually appealing but is also soft to touch and very enjoyable
Freddy: wow Rasputin sure is thiq
Rob: yeah he really had a good ass
by Ftootf October 5, 2019
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A phrase David uses that has no numerical value, after several inquiries David will still not disclose how much "good ass money" actually is.
"Dude it doesn't matter dude, he's still gonna be making good ass money."

"What the hell is good ass money?"

"Yeah I'll finally be making that good ass money!"
by Billy8686 November 20, 2013
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A line from chappelle show. Arsenio Hall attends a cheese party and expressed his enjoyment of the cheese
by supafly_lob November 6, 2007
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When something is so good that you just have to use some kind of stupid metaphor to describe it.
I'm making 700 bucks an hour. Damn. That is some good-ass cheese.
by D-Miles September 30, 2006
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