63 definitions by logan

Having the ability to change direction so quickly you shake an opposing defender.
"Man I got mad juke-ums, ill break yo ankles!"
"Shit, number 23 has juke-ums!"
by logan February 10, 2004
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gansta way of saying 'king'
Yo o' fay im the kang of this hood
by logan October 5, 2003
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A man (havn't heard this one used on women) who has a good taste, who often takes good care of themselves and their belongings. They are self-assured in themselves enough to express their feelings with out fear of feeling like they are homosexual in the process. They are often mistaken for homosexuals in denial.
"He was so well dressed and good looking I was afraid he might have been gay until we had a chat and I ended up taking him home with me that night."
by logan January 25, 2005
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It has something to do with the shower... or not. Homestars 14th homepage
by logan May 22, 2004
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A womans unshaved hairy vagina.
"She didn't show me her boobs, she showed me her kitty cat though.
by logan April 14, 2005
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someone who loans money for illegal purposes and then requests payment back over high interest
you pay back your loan shark mang?
by logan July 22, 2004
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