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Something that doesn't exist.

Apparently, fate and Ninja Mistake are one and the same.
Ninja do not make a mistake, you fucktards.
by lmao November 22, 2004
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Used to signify your winning of a flamewar or to show that your insult was best and nothing can beat it.
What a fucking joke.
by lmao July 01, 2003
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whiney ass bitches who won't shut the fuck up even though they are clueless morons and even if you shove facts in their face that contradict their stupidity even if those facts are from flamingly gay liberal sources
emocrats are whining fucking maggots
by lmao August 02, 2004
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noobie which sux at cs
omg im such a sldtn today i cant kill a single person
by lmao September 06, 2004
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n. someone who constantly stares at the floor in the FPS genre of games | n. one who is n00b past all other n00bness (also see newb, n00b, newbie) | n. one who plays at least 36 pug's in one day | n. one who says OMG frequently especially when associated with getting owned (see also owned, or pwned)
Are you kidding me? You guys just let GT2 cap on you?
by lmao January 19, 2004
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I had this substitute teacher on friday and she was totally crunked I swear she started singing opera, and she sounded british. She was old and super nice because some guy would tell her how nice she was.
She started talking about chicks slitting their wrists, totally out of hand. The students made themselves at home some dude recording the shit with his self phone.
by lmao April 09, 2005
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