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To follow clues and info about something in order to accomplish something.
"Nelson, his wife Helen, and his associate John Paul Chase picked up a tail from the FBI in the town of Barrington, near Chicago. After a short chase, the two camps were picketed across from each other hurling bullets."

"I got to pick up a tail from this girl's heart with her friends. She is too much mysterious."
by linkc007 May 30, 2017
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Something thats not important to you anymore.
I just cared about getting away before he decided to get rid of the loose ends.
by linkc007 August 3, 2011
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it's fault of the subject
Girfriend: You was with a girl on skype yesterday, I saw!

Boyfriend: Indeed. But you was talking with a guy in chatroulette too, so it's on you.
by linkc007 August 4, 2011
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To act sneaky and secretly without other peoples know about it. To act furtively.
Guy 1 - Have you seen those news about the mobsters of L.A.?
Guy 2 - Oh yes, I have. They were finally discovered, working undergrounds.
Guy 1 - Haha, they were flying under the radar of our city police, but sooner or later they would be found.
Guy 2 - To fly under the radar is no easy deal, here in L.A. ... One hour or other they catch you.
by linkc007 August 1, 2016
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Someone who has registered and uses an account on a forum, usually for a game of sorts or discussion.
I will stop playing RPG on these forums of sorts; I will stop my forumgoer life.
by linkc007 July 2, 2017
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