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dirt; filth
The floor was covered with schmootz
by Liana June 15, 2003
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berocca is a soluble table of high performance vitamins. known by the phrase b-b-berocca brings back your b-b-bounce.
high energy and high performance
you are berocca today
by Liana March 12, 2005
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A combination of vomiting whilst crying, or crying whilst vomiting. Usually done in a state of utter drunkeness or utter empassioned hate
"oh god, after Sandra dumped me and I drank 2 40s in a row, I cromited like the a pathtic loser all over john's bed"
by Liana March 02, 2005
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The queen of sex slaves and bondage. Only 2 in the world.
I got handcuffed by the sex slave queens!
by Liana April 02, 2005
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Another term for Bullsh*t, used when extremely flustered and nothing makes sense, when everything is complete bunk.
"Bush is a good president!! HOOEY!!!"
by Liana October 14, 2003
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the name of a skateboard move. it can be achieved by going into a manual, and then grabbing the nose of the board while manualing. You can perform a nose goon while nosemanualing, then you grab the tail of the board. holding a goon while moving is very risky.
He is the man because he pulled a goon all the way down my street!
by liana May 11, 2005
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A cigarette, a smoke, death stick, whatever
Man, I could really use a duke right now.
by Liana September 18, 2004
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