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A "Clout Pass" is a term used when a Man or Woman is just entering into actions of a sexual nature with a woman and bypasses the vagina - heading straight for the anal reagon.
Jack performed a Clout Pass on Jill last night and went straight for the brown.
by leesumm1 November 10, 2010

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A knowsnowt is the person to whom you ask a question and are answered with a load of "Hmm, Let me see, Well, Basically, In a nut shell, Realistically, to be perfectly honest, You have to, Ok, Got it ? You understand or do you want me to explain again ?
He fills the reply with a load of big explaining words but never actually answers the question.
Fuckin Hell - If you ever have a problem, dont ask him, I was there for an hour, He's a fuckin "Knowsnowt".
by leesumm1 November 05, 2010

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The art of Breaking Wind into your hand, containing it in your clenched fist and then releasing it under an unsuspecting by passers nose. Boff Skoff's are normally only carried out when the person who is releasing the Boff Skoff knows that it will be of the smelliest type, Thus causing the Boff Skoffer ( The person who smells or inhales it ) to Flinch, Shout, Scream or Vomit etc.......
Q) Why is Leroy vomiting ? A) Christopher has just caught him with a Boff Skoff !!
by leesumm1 November 04, 2010

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A Fanny Fart with Freshly Ejaculated Sperm mixed with it.
Normally after getting it from behind and pulling up her knickers before she wipes.
After Doris was Skuttled bareback by the boss in his office - she blew a big Fanny Splatter and messed up her Thong.
by leesumm1 November 04, 2010

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When a person goes to the Hair Salon to get their hair bleached blonde but the normal stylist off off sick, so they settle for the trainee Scissor Monkey who has never done it before - thus ending up with a Rusty Rinse.
Or when a Girl buy's a shit Blonde Colour off the shelf in Poundstrecher and gets her mate to put it on for her after 3 bottles of Lambrini.
Whos the new Ginger Girl in the office ? She's not new - Its Julie with a rusty rinse.
by leesumm1 November 04, 2010

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LOG ( Lights - On - Girl )
A girl who is still there when the Night Club lights are switched on at the end of the night. She is the girl who has probably not had any sexual pleasures from a member of the opposite sex for some time.
Normally of large appearence, sweaty, spotty or just plain revolting.
Oh - its close to closing ive not pulled yet, its ok though - i'll just grab a LOG on the way out.
by LeeSumm1 November 03, 2010

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