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a new variation of the norcal "hella".. usually employed by those more in tune with modern street lingo. common to san luis obispo, livermore, and chico.
"that was a hell of sick set that tiesto spun at spundae"

"i hell of houdini'd chris' mom after she refused to make me potstickers."
by langan April 29, 2003
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another term for girl/slut/bitch/whore/cunt
tad: hey guys, meet my new gf, simone
geoff(whispers to mark): damn, she is one beat huss
mark: true dat
by langan June 30, 2003
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Your new ride is 'bout it!
by langan February 25, 2003
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to waste time, to dawdle, to chat on AIM all day instead of doing homework
langan: do you have any hw today?
amyk: yeah
langan: then why are you slappin your cock around online all day instead of doing it
amy k: oreo
by langan May 3, 2003
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a covert way of saying "slut"
random girl: hey freddy how're you doing?!!
freddy: w'sup sleuth.
by langan May 18, 2003
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otherwise known as the "wife-beater" approach. its when guys treat a girl bad in order to get the girl to like them (3rd grader complex). the scary thing is it works.
one day she didn't notice i existed, next day i straight wb'd that shit and she was all up on these nuts. good times.
by langan April 23, 2003
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