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The K-Lamb is a sexual position done to the female just like the Shocker. You begin by making a "W" with your fingers by crossing your middle finger over your ring finger, and you insert your "crossed" fingers into the vagina, while rubbing the clitoris with your index finger. Your pinky finger is optional but if you wish you insert it into the arse.
Damn nigger i used K-Lamb on this one bitch lst week and she went crazy.
by Kyle Lambert January 18, 2007

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buschk't simply means to bust a load in a womens face. usually done after getting head or pulling out right before you cum and exploding on the face aiming for the center of the face.
a quick pull out then buschk'ting on a bitches face makes my day.
by kyle lambert October 13, 2007

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an interracial facial is when two different races mostly black men fucking white women are doing it hardcore and then when its time the man pulls out and busts a nut in the bitches face. Then usually the trick slobs on his cock and just makes a mess.
i was fucking some white girl in the ass then i had a sexual eruption on her face it felt great. now thats what i call an interracial facial
by Kyle Lambert December 12, 2007

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another name to call a nigger. it sounds so great and sounds racist so it is perfect for calling a nigger a jiblet.
you see that jiblet he was smokin a fatty blunt and then got beat by cops.
by Kyle Lambert December 12, 2007

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