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the name given for a person who is a paedophile originated from sydney australia
Look at Wyley he's such a drail around kids
by kumargg June 06, 2007
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The term used to describe a female who has not had sexual intercourse for a long period.
Kumar: So Tara when was the last time you had sex?
Tara: 10 months ago
Kumar: Well dont you have a cobweb cunt
by kumargg September 10, 2006
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the name given to a toy graffiti writer - mainly in sydney australia.

the name is based upon a writer who was called basin who was very unpopular in the scene.
your such a basin brah!
by kumargg August 03, 2006
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the name given for a young child who is a victim of sexual abuse from a pedo

the term is most commonly used in sydney australia and is believed to have originated from the western suburbs.
1 - that pedois going to make you into a 2tee brah!
2 - look out that drail is after a 2tee
by kumargg August 08, 2006
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the term given to a whore, the name originated from melbourne
you hear that shazza got gangbanged by 5 blokes, she is such a dice9
by kumargg October 14, 2007
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a fat dickriding toy from sydney australia
1. haha christian is such a kenos
2. you see that kenos suck off likah
by kumargg October 14, 2007
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another word for dog a term most commonly used in new south wales and queensland in australia
1 - hey did you see that nesa run
2 - ah fuck he just did a nesa
by kumargg August 10, 2006
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