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The girl of all girls :)
Beautiful, Hot, Sexy, did i mention Hot ?
by ? March 19, 2003
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another word for dog a term most commonly used in new south wales and queensland in australia
1 - hey did you see that nesa run
2 - ah fuck he just did a nesa
by kumargg August 10, 2006
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The stupid Australian (New South Wales) education department that has changed names 6 times in the last two years ands mission in life is to make pointless exams that stress out high school kids.
person one: NESA shit on me dude

Person Two: dduuuuuude what they do now?
one: they changed Genny maths to standard maths

two: duuuuuddee fuck NESA
by yeetyeetfuckmedead November 21, 2018
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Beautiful thicc has big boobies she is an amazing person and is the best person u will meet she give u everything and sum time can be freaky but every guys she gets wit love it
Nesa is so hot

Yea right I wanna tap

Me to

3 sum

by Penq12356 March 05, 2019
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