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A good and popular show meant for all ages. It has quite a good plot and fanbase. And LadyDevimon has big breasts.
Digimon fanfics are cool.
by KS May 28, 2003

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A former hentai god who was first discovered on Dalnet by the infamous Plasticman, who was the hentai king of the Internet in the past. He collected a massive amount of hentai in a very short amount of time and instantly became a legend to many. Sadly, he disappeared for a moment or two, but long enough to lose his title as hentai god. However, he is still known as an original hentai legend. He has come back onto the IRC world, but as a new person. Although he doesn't indulge on hentai as much anymore, he still serves the community with a respectable amount of anime and hentai. Now with a life out of IRC, serving is just a hobby rather than an obsession.
Don_Bhan is KeitaroSempai's clone, and vice-versa.
by KS March 14, 2004

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the godliest of all New Jersey diners. Located on the greatest road of all, Route 9, in Howell. Makes excellent Pizza Burgers. open 24 hrs.
Kerri: "The Regent kicks the Crystal Palace's ass!"
Jess: "Hell yea!"
by ks October 15, 2003

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Pres butan to start game. Role dise to go. For the love of Juan! Pres butan! Miguel must role dise now! Daler Mehndi is playing. Must pres butan and role dise to go! BUTAN NOW! HaIrY_TeStIcLeS! THEY NO PRES BUTAN!
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· Miguel, yes
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· and Juan
09:49pm ·@Makoto· who is miguel?
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• miguel
09:49pm ·@Makoto· and who is juan?
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• the one who must pres butan
09:49pm ·@Makoto· what butan?
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• juan's job is to role dise
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· One must pres the butan to start ...
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• THE butan
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· the other .. must role dise to go
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• pres butan
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· start .. go ... they go hand in hand
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· the butan .. its all about the butan
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• yea
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· if you didnt have the butan .. then you couldnt role dise to go
09:49pm •+KeitaroSempai• pres butan
09:49pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· since the butan .. starts ... the game
09:50pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· the butan .... the butan .... ((_)
09:50pm •+KeitaroSempai• for the love of juan! role dise to go!
09:50pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· YES PLEASE
09:50pm ·+HaIrY_TeStIcLeS· i hear it .. i hear a faint ... JJOK!
09:50pm •+KeitaroSempai• pres butan = game start = must role dise = bg music daler mehndi
by KS March 14, 2004

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Onamonatopia, the sound something heavy (i.e. a dead body) makes when one throws it into a large body of water (i.e. that lake behind your house, don't think I don't know what you're doing...)
*rock is thrown into water* *ploink*
Damn, he's made the largest ploink yet.
by KS March 10, 2004

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very eager and desperate
mainly (faggots) are ursty
Two girls named Jillian and Alana beg you to hang out and eat brownies with them. When Christina says no they continue to beg and plead.
As used in a sentence:
"Jillian and Alana are very ursty!"
by KS March 10, 2005

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An acronym for "Easy White Girl" a nasty, racist term applied to.... well, an easy white girl.
Often used by non-white girls towards white girls flirting with non-white men.
"you ain't nothing but an EWG!"
by ks February 18, 2004

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