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A Person who is addicted to Alcohol Weed and Crack All at once
Person One: Wow I saw Boris last weekend at that keg party, he has turned into such an alowack
Person Two: My aunt is an Alowack!
Person Three: What is an Alowack?
Person One: A person who does alcohol, weed and crack
Person Three: I guess that makes me an Alowack
by krista February 24, 2004
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Simple Life 2--> Often said by Paris Hilton in a monotone voice meaning almost anything.
P:Where are you from?
P:Thats hot


P: What colour is your shirt
L: Green
P: Thats hot
by krista June 26, 2004
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A type of food that tards, especially Melissa, enjoy. Also, they have been known to spend all of their money obtaining tins of it to consume cold.
"I DON'T CARE! I LOVE SPESGHETTI-OS! Um...spaghetti-os....yeah."
by krista November 18, 2003
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a crazy trio, who knows no danger, and fails to see the bigger picture. They always have each others' backs and lives in the moment of the day. They always succeed in getting the guy, but never use their powers for evil. Finally they have a personal belief that all things can be forgiven.... with chocolate and a good movie of couse!

This mysterious word sprung up when someone asked who these three chicks from Tenino were. They, in turn, replied, "we are the SPUNKERS."

Not to be mixed up with the spankers or the spank-hers!
Mary, Heather and Krista were considered the spunkers of the school.

The laid back spunkers enjoyed the simple pariers lifestyle, as long as they were friends.
by krista April 6, 2005
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feeling associated with a tight, stinging need to defecate
She had such a squinchy feeling that she thought she had soiled herself.
by krista December 15, 2004
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Newsmedia Corperation in Chicago.
1. I checked the MAISNER yesterday for the Cubs score...
by krista November 15, 2004
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