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a hilarious video from the 90's featuring a black "preacher" who read off of a Bible that looks like a phone book, claimed to "come in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit," cussed almost every other word, and accused the callers of being devil worshippers. also noted for its weird camera work and great dialogues with his audience. it's an ABSOLUTE must-see footage.
the devil is a muthafuckin liar, so you know i ain't worried, BIOTCH!

listen and appreciate the words of the Spirit of Truth.
by KRHimself May 10, 2006
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Contrary to popular belief, Tokyo is the "Greatest City in the World." It is, by far, the most hectic, electric, and eclectic city in the universe, no matter what Parisians, Londoners, or New Yorkers say.
Tokyo is approximately 50 years ahead of any other city in the world when it comes to technology, transportation, and flat-out greatness.
by KRHimself March 21, 2005
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a shite comic who lives in the rich area of Winter Park.
Somebody get Carrot Top off the air, please.
by KRHimself October 24, 2004
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one of the funniest movies i've ever seen. a must see film, with its ridiculous drug, sex, and party scenes. produced by Adam Sandler, features cameos from Rob Schneider and David Spade.
quotes from grandma's boy:

Jeff: I can't believe you came on my mom!

Grace: I gave Charlie Chaplin a handjob.
Jeff: Wow, was he silent?
Grace: Not after I got through with him.

Grace: How old are you now?
Alex: 36.
Grace: Do you have a girlfriend?
Alex: No.
Grace: My grandson's gay too. I'll give you his number.
by KRHimself May 01, 2006
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a major road located in Orlando, FL. (Whorelando) The southern stretch of this road is infamous for its red-light district.
When somethin happens in South Orange Blossom Trail, nothin happens... it's just another hooka dead.
by KRHimself January 31, 2005
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Best damn team ever.
Their fan club is the biggest sports fan club in the world.
Browns Backer for life!
by KRHimself April 14, 2004
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just another way to say that you don't believe what someone says.
came from a line in "I,Robot".
1: I did that hot girl last night!
2: *sneezes* Oh sorry dude, I'm allergic to bullshit.
by KRHimself October 09, 2004
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