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A phrase meaning that things would be going great for you if they weren't going so badly.
"Well, my girlfriend dumped me, my dog died, I got fired from my job, I went to grab some fast food to make myself feel better and on the drive back I got a flat tire, and when I finally get home I realize they screwed up my order."
"Damn, you can't win for losing."
by Kraas March 05, 2008

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A sheepish grin, with an apostrophe representing the anime sweat-drop.
Person 1: Who ate my piece of cake?! I was saving it!
Person 2: Well, funny story n_n'...
by Kraas November 17, 2008

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When a villain is defeated, but not captured/killed, and subsequently escapes. Named after Doctor Claw's phrase whenever he was beaten by Inspector Gadget: "Next time, Gadget! Next time!"
"The villain isn't really dead, this is a 'Next time, Gadget!' situation'.
by Kraas June 19, 2009

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A congratulatory phrase given to someone who has done something cool/funny online.
lol, awesome! have an internet, i insist
by Kraas August 24, 2008

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The face that one makes, or is compelled to make, when drinking a strong alcoholic beverage. Resisting it is a sign of strength and high tolerance for alcohol. An alcohol virgin is almost guaranteed to make this face when first tasting a straight shot of whiskey, rum, or other strong alcoholic beverage.
I can't drink a shot of Wild Turkey without making the wimp face.
by kraas October 08, 2010

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A white-collar worker that is always thinking, "What is best for the company?" Constantly working and always letting everyone else know it. Anyone who works less than he does receives only his scorn. Beloved by management and highly annoying to coworkers, especially normal people who have lives outside of work.
"Man, that guy is such a fucking golden boy, did you know he's trying to convince the boss to make Saturday a workday?"
by Kraas September 01, 2013

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A phrase which means to find faith, or simply go to a religious service.
"Todd really cleaned himself up after he got religion."

Person 1: "Services start in about 10 minutes."
Person 2: "Yeah, time to go get religion..."
by kraas April 24, 2008

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