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What some foriegners call England.
"Oh he lives in London"

"What the... i live in Birmingham not London"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
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Something that should be achieved without making war because then you're doing the opposite of what you're supposed to do.
"come on let's make peace, can't we all just get a long?"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
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A Bomb that can make a really big explosion that can kill a lot of people horribly. It's a bomb that should have never been invented and now should be banned. The punishment would be for a person to go to jail for life.
"he he he let's send a nuclear bomb to someone"

(5 minutes later)

"oh no they sent one back! we're all gonna die!"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
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The name of Gmail in the UK but another company claimed rights for the Gmail name so it's now called Google mail in the UK.
hey guys! i got a new Google Mail Address!
by koolyman February 9, 2006
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1) An expansion of the word Gmail

2) dated, British. A term used for Gmail in the UK as another company claimed trademark to the Gmail name in the UK.
(note: Gmail has now retained its original name since 3rd May 2010.)
Hello there gentlemen. I have a Google Mail account. Jolly good.
by koolyman June 14, 2011
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