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1. My first name.
2. An insightful, intelligent being, who devises only the best of definitions for this fantastic website.
Greetings, my name is Klaus.
by Klaus January 15, 2004
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The act of executing oral sex with ice cubes located in the cavity lying at the upper end of the alimentary canal.
The promiscuous female lifeform enacted a snowblow on I.

Note: snowblow is not osculating your mate after injecting a load of semen into his/her mouth, imbeciles. That would be called a snowball.
by Klaus January 15, 2004
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Something that is wonderful and enjoyable
That guy has yooui style!
by Klaus January 29, 2005
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a plant that can be smoked like marijuana, but is a hallucinogen. When smoking thizzlewart it is common to see crazy clowns that cackle and may say things such as "clown juice" or "You're gonna die bitch" in high pitched voices.
While I was smoking thizzlewart I saw a clown with a chainsaw. I whipped out my lightsaber on his clown ass and slayed him.
by Klaus October 11, 2004
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Schwuler HOMO
You are a Schwomo
by Klaus November 25, 2003
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Sloppy shit! The kind that runs down your trouser leg if you lose control. Usually after dodgy seafood, or meat with a slight 'oh that tasted weird'!
That lobster bisque must have been off. I've got the muddy waterfalls...
by Klaus October 19, 2004
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Otherwise spelled bumshaft, it is the anus. Affectionately known as the marmite highway, etc.

Hails from shaft, as in mineshaft (a deep hole in the ground), boom hails from bum, affectionately known as the arse, or anus.
I know your type! You like taking things up the boomshaft!

Olga is a real dirty bitch! She loves shoving things up her boomshaft!
by Klaus October 19, 2004
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