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Sore, aching testicles resulting from too much sex and/or masturbation.

In effect the opposite to blue balls
While unemployed Darren spent 3 hours a day jacking off to xtube and got a case of red balls.
by kittridge January 23, 2009
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when an image has to potential to be enhanced by manipulation through photoshop it has photoshopportunity.

usually for comedic purposes.
Google image search is a goldmine of comedic photoshopportunity.
by kittridge January 05, 2009
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A person who enjoys speaking and/or behaving in anachronistic fashion.

1) One who speaks in the ye olde style.
2) Someone who wears old fashioned clothes eg: fop wear, corsets, hoopskirts. Can also mean someone wearing more recent though out of style clothing (from the 70s 80s 90s etc).
3) Anyone using out of date computer technology.
anachronaut: Wo befalls me, mine remote control is mislain! Whither has it gone? Wife, what news of the remote controller?! We must make haste as in but three and twenty minutes I must watch my programmes in the telechamber! O joy of joys, at last it appears! It lay betwixt the cushions of the couching seat! No longer must I endure the horror of two and one half men's situational comedies!
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
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a cheap and incompetent doctor. The B is for Bargain
call 1-600-DOCTORB the be is for bargain!
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
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A bureaucrat (or public servant / official, etc) who denies service, delays you, makes things difficult for or generally screws you over solely for their own pleasure / amusement / possible sexual arousal. May also result from bitterness and their being dead inside.
Man: did you get the application form?
Woman: No, he showed it to me but wouldn't hand it over, he said it had to be mailed to me.
Man: But you were right there!
Woman: I know, what a bureaucunt!
by Kittridge February 29, 2008
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To Preach the Flosspel: (verb) The act of motivating someone to floss (or brush) to improve their oral health. Can include dental health education and technique advice.
Hygienist: bitch, you got some serious periodontitis, I'ma preach the flosspel on yo ass!
by Kittridge February 25, 2008
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Someone (usually a neighbour) who sucks wireless internet access off someone else's connection. An internet freeloader.
My download limit reached already? Hmmmm...I think we have a Wanpire in our midststsstssssssssss
by kittridge January 27, 2009
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