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Someone that is not only a spacker, but also wears glasses.
Oi! Speccy Spasmo! You should have gone to spacksavers!
by Kezza March 17, 2004
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the male gonads
hey dave, i like your hairy gnads!
by Kezza June 09, 2003
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Original meaning: The act of putting your socks on to your feet

Derived meaning: To waffle in such a way that those listening become totally disorientated
Origianl meaning example: Have you assockolated this morning?

Derived meaning example: I haven't a clue what he's assockolating about (The derived meaning comes from the ancient ritual of placing a sock over your enemy's head so that they did not know where they where.)
by Kezza September 10, 2004
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a radgie group ov kids or demented adults who usually hang round the bak ov supermarkets, lookin for their tango cans 4 their hash
a belta human species who can actually afford the £120 rockie p's and the £350 merra peak bergies. the jewellry is usually very expensive, and yeah, maybe being the local drug dealer helps fund the ever growing trend for hanging baubles from the 'kappa slappa's' ear lobes but so what? every one needs a trademark.. the goths have their freaky makeup, parachute trousers and greasy hair, the charvers have jewellry, rocky p's and burberry caps.
by kezza December 03, 2003
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derogatory term for man who thinks hes a fox.
si, you isnt a fox dude!
by kezza January 30, 2005
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To partake in the art of exchanging bodily fluids.
"Hey Sharon, wanna go somewhere and have a scrumpy!?"
by Kezza January 21, 2004
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