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A communist country ran by a short and ugly dictator named Kim Jung Il. It is the only country in the world where the government (rarely) distributes food to you and you can't get it anywhere else unless you enjoy tree bark and grass. It is the only country where concentration camps thrive. It is the only country where everyone shares one religion: Kim Jung-il.

North Korea: the greatest theocracy in the world!
When I used to live in South Korea, my school asked me and others to donate money to buy grain for the North Koreans. About three years later, I found out that the donations went and will go to the military. This is why South Korea must reunite with her northern neighbor to get rid of this hellhole. I wish Bush would just nuke the Kims, but what can I expect from him?
by Kenny McCor July 08, 2006

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n. Sea between Korea and Japan and another name for Sea of Japan preferred by South Korea.
The fact that Sea of Japan is preferred by many countries doesn't mean that it can't be a misnomer.
The sea was known as "Sea of Korea/Corea/Joseon" or "East/Oriental Sea" until Japan's militant expansionism. Also, East Sea has been used for 2,000 years while Sea of Japan has been used for only 200 years.
And even if the sea was called "Sea of Korea/Japan" at certain times, Korea is only trying to keep it neutral and return it to the way it was before they lost their voice (due to imperialist Japan) by calling it "East Sea."

Who's distorting geography now?
Clearly most of the people who posted the defs for East Sea are ignorant rednecks or potheads. Some people here really need to go back to high school... or maybe even kindergarten.
Some might argue that even "East Sea" is not neutral enough since the sea is east of Korea. But take Black Sea or Red Sea for example. They're not really that black or red, are they? But "Sea of Japan" clearly favors Japan, and same thing goes for "Sea of Korea."
by Kenny McCor July 08, 2006

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n. a powerful NCAA lacrosse team whose reputation has drained instantly due to some stripper who keeps on changing her story repeatedly and three overprivileged players and a desperate D.A.

v. to suffer from a crazy scandal
Man, I just got Duke Lacrossed because of that crazy bitch. Man, I'm going to end up like that Collin Finnerty guy.
by Kenny McCor June 22, 2006

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a place that acknowledges women's right to control their own bodies and lives and give unbiased information unlike the pro-life who promotes ineffective abstinence-only education, puts women's health in jeopardy, spreads lies, and secretly hates independent, working women
I got accurate information about my options at Planned Parenthood unlike the time when I went to that bullshit Pregnancy Crisis Center.
by Kenny McCor June 22, 2006

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A term Kevin Federline can have many meanings, such as

1. a deadly combination douche, pothead, and gold-digger whose wife is nearly as pathetic and unfit as him

2. an underemployed, white man with no talent who likes to believe that he can rap; Eminem is his inspiration

3. A man under an illusion that he can pull off a wifebeater when he only has completely muscle-free arms and an Amazon Rainforest of armpits
Kevin: Mommy, I wanna wear my wifebeater to school!

Sheila/Mother: No, Kevin, you will look like Kevin Federline!

Kevin: Oh no, Kevin Federline? Mom, you know what? I'll just wear my button-down shirt to school.

Sheila: That's my little boy.
by Kenny McCor June 22, 2006

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adj. probably the easiest and the most convenient political belief to support since you don't have to be pro-choice to be pro-choice; perhaps it's even oxymoronic.

Aside from supporting legality of abortion, pro-choice also supports birth control, family planning, real sex education, and right to enjoy your sex life. All contribute to fewer number of unwanted pregnancies and happier families, but (not) ironically, pro-life does not support any of this. In fact, no pro-life organization in United States endorse birth control.

Contrary to pro-life lies, abortion is one of the safest surgical procedures EVER, and there's no such thing as post-abortion syndrome. In fact women felt good after having an abortion, and adoption is actually the factor that causes the symptoms of those so-called post-abortion syndrome.

If pro-lifers are so pro-life, why would they slaughter eight doctors? They say abortion kills future doctors and scientists. Well masturbation does the same thing, so this must mean that masturbating should be illegal. Same goes for women having periods. Periods make women cranky anyways.

Pro-choice's belief summed up to one phrase: "Right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness"
Avoid sites like www.prochoice.com and abortionfacts.com; their sites contain false information. Also opt for Planned Parenthood instead of pregnancy crisis centers, who also gives false, misleading facts. Pro-choice organizations are dedicated to preventing unwanted pregnancies and protecting women's lives.
by Kenny McCor July 08, 2006

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Emergency contraception is a birth control pill that is effective within 72 hours of unprotected sex; the sooner the better. More dosage would be required in order for EC to work if taken later.

More than 300,000 women are sexually assaulted each year in the US. Of these an estimated 25,000 will become pregnant as a result. About 22,000 of these pregnancies could be prevented if all women who were raped had easy access to emergency contraception.

Despite its great potential to significantly lower unwanted pregnancies, which would lower abortion, it has been rejected by the FDA due to pro-life pressure, using limited studies conducted for 11 to 12-year-old girls as an excuse; less than 6% of pre-teen girls in America have or start their periods, making pregnancy impossible whatsoever. It should be noted that ther is no pro-life group in America who promotes birth control, which would significantly lower number of abortions.

It is better known as EC, Plan B or Morning-after Pill, a misnomer since it can be taken immediately after sexual intercourse, not necessarily the morning after. Some pro-lifers try to label this as an abortion pill or abortifacient. It is not. If the fertilized egg is already implanted, which is the beginning of pregnancy, EC would not work.
Emergency contraception would really contribute to low number of unwanted pregnancies, but its access to American women has been made difficult due to political pressure. Instead of appointing a medical expert to the FDA, Bush chose to appoint a voluntary professor at University of Kentucky, solely because he was pro-life. Ladies, stand up for yourself!
by Kenny McCor June 25, 2006

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