113 definitions by katie

1. (verb) A type of dance that is done at ska shows. It's basically swing dancing with yourself.
2. (adj.) A person who's an amazingly awesome rudie.
1. "I skanked till i almost had a heart attack at that ska show last night!"
2. "Man, that guy's totally skankin!"
by katie May 9, 2004
The male reproductive organ. Its usually gets long and hard when sexually aroused, and the bigger the better.
I rode my boyfriend's huge penis all night long.
by katie May 19, 2003
G-mood originating from america, is the african american word meaning loser.
why do you hang around with those g-moods?
by katie March 7, 2005
the nicest, most pure hearted guy you'll ever meet. plus, he has a very cool pet naked mole rat, Rufus, and an awsome best friend Kim Possible.
fav ron quotes

"they took his banjo!"
- Coach Possible
"Yah, ya know, it might be another 4,5, or 6 more weeks..."
-Naked Genius
"I got the MAD LOVE fo' the MEATCAKES!!"
- A sitch in time
"Kim, Drakken's in the house, is this really a good time to fix your make-up?
by katie April 16, 2004
bob the bub..made of a clear splash bottle, abc gum, a ballpoint pen, tinfoil. used to smoke marijuana out of and supply distraction and hours of fun. originally bob was a clean bub but he got dirty..as most bob's will become..dirty. so bob the bub will live on...
"do u have bob?"

"should we introduce bob?"

"u guys wanna smoke with bob?"
by katie April 25, 2005
ONLY THE SINGLE BEST TELEVISION SHOW ON TV! Teen angst at the best. They talk like old people. And the only good character is Pacey.
I'm feeling so depressed that I'm gonna go watch Dawson's Creek so I can see Joey dump Dawson again. Oh and I can watch Pacey have sex with his teacher.
by katie July 21, 2004
To be very confused.
I am very confuzzled. or... That is confuzaling.
by katie November 19, 2003