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The study, act of studying, act of creating, and act of designing technology that will be used to harm or kill humans.
Mr. Doe is teaching a class on Technokillologie, the subject for this this course is called "How to design a robot to rip off your freinds head".
by karog July 11, 2003
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The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is responsible for all logical and mathematical operations in the system. The ALU receives instructions from the control unit. The ALU can take information from memory, perform computations and comparisons, and then store the results in memory locations as directed by the control unit. An additional type of ALU, called a floating point unit (FPU) or coprocessor, which performs specialized functions such as divisin and large decimal number operations, is frequently used. Most modern microprocessors include an FPU processor as part of the microprocessor. The ALU and control unit communicate with each other and perform operations in memory locations called registers. A register is a location that is internal to the microprocessor that can be used as a scartch pad for calculations. There are two types of registers used in modern systems: dedicated registers and general purpose registers. Dedicated registers are usually used for specfic functions such as maintaining status or system controlled counting operations. General purpose registers are used for multiple purposes, typically when mathematical and comparison operations occur.
When a system malfunctions, as in the case of a Blue Screen of Death, the monitor will usually display a message and multiple numbers. There numbers are the contents of the register and other key memory locations. This information is usually not overly useful for computer technician, but it can provide a great deal of information to developer and technical support professinals as to the nature of the failure. It is a good idea to capture that information before you contact customer support.
by karog December 27, 2003
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Air Maintenance Officer. The man or women in the military air wings that is in charge of maintenance. The only thing they care about is getting planes running or air craft parts built. They will pretend to be your friend until you slip up then you see the truth on who they really are.
I thought that AMO was cool but then he made us work 14 hour shifts because we had to many broken planes.
by karog December 11, 2007
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Real software, music, and other files usuall trader for free on underground IRC servers. True warez does not contain virus and click here fake free porno adds.
I downloaded new movies and games from a True Warez server.
by karog July 11, 2003
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A old illegal form of currency in the underground world of shadowrunners, deckers, and mages.
I have 250,000 nuyen left on my cred stick.
by karog May 27, 2003
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