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What girls with big hair in Jersey wear.
She must be from Jersey check out the cfm-boots
by Kman September 27, 2002

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Male womb cannon or penis
I was sitting at the titty bar and I pulled out my flesh weasel.
by kMaN June 08, 2012

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A guy who is so studly women flock to him.
Clint Eastwood is a shepherd king.
by kman November 04, 2004

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this is when a basketball player throws the ball into the air at the basket and someone near the basket jumps and catches it in mid-air and then dunks it.
Damn bro, did u see KGs alle-oop, it was awesome!
by Kman March 19, 2005

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The act of jacking off:
Even tho you may get a blistered hand, its worth it to jack the white shit outta your dick
WHOA! I just did war stories to a picture of Kevin!
by KMAN January 04, 2004

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Having sex with another person who is the size of a fucking yacht!
You just went tubing last night with that chick didn't ya?
by kman June 20, 2004

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