106 definition by julie

or otherwords hoie, a girl whose a freakin freshman, who likes to get with guys named mike, who likes to play ddr.
MAn ThaT BoY LefT A biG ChOAd oN NoIE. lol
by julie June 10, 2004

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can be used to descride anything.
i am efactuated with him, or, i am too efactuated to do this,or,wow you are so efactuated, ect.
by Julie July 23, 2004

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A person who is easily manipulated. A push-over.
My father is such a ham, he gives me money whenever I use my baby voice.
by julie September 01, 2003

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Plural for Sheep. Used in the same context as 1 die, 2 dice; 1 Sheep, 2 Shice.
look at that heard of shice.
by Julie June 19, 2006

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The term used when one would like to announce to those around them that they are leaving to smoke a joint, particularly when in the presence of authority figures.
(In front of the proctor) Hey guys, anyone up for a nature walk?
by Julie February 17, 2005

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A person originating from Liverpool
That scouser has stolen my hubcaps!
by Julie April 01, 2004

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What I often call my boyfriend Mark
Mark, you are a fuc*ing fick
by Julie December 01, 2004

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