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get an erection
dude, when i touched cindy boner's hoo hoo, i popped one.
by judson April 16, 2003

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the smell emitted from the rectal area when sweating
Damn man, you got some nasty bobo stink.
by Judson April 10, 2003

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the leader of Gay unit startin shit wit ja rule and murda inc to get his career off of the ground,thus showing he has no talent, i bet no one would even know who he was if he hadnt started dissin people.
a bitch ass nigga who has no talent!
by judson May 27, 2005

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group of people hoo dont have to start shit wit other rappers to get famous. Aka a group dats better than G-unit(Gay unit)
Ja rule, irv gotti, Black child, caddilac tah,ashanti,and lloyd.
by judson May 27, 2005

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