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One who takes advantage of the ambulance moving down the highway - disrupting other vehicles from merging back into traffic. Basically, an ambulass follows the ambulance through traffic - cutting off all motorists along the way. An amubulass usually drives an SUV or Hummer.
Traffic is heavy on the highway. An ambulance is approaching so all vehicles move to the left or right lane and stop. The ambulance moves through the middle lane. As vehicles begin to merge back into the middle lane, they are suddenly cut-off by an ambulass following the ambulance at 40 mph - the ambulass takes advantage of the wake caused by the ambulance - and damn near wrecks into several cars along his chase.
by jsharkey November 7, 2006
1. A man who believes the ladies love him - however he is sorely and ignorantly mistaken. A dickman will live his entire life under the impression that people enjoy his presence - but they do not.
2. Dickman is also a common term for people who "cut you off" on the road. It's origin lies in the original definition of dickman, as many qualities of a dickman carry over to various other parts of a dickman's life.
I can't believe that guy keeps hitting on me, as if he could ever get with me...what a dickman!
by jsharkey September 28, 2006
A guy that makes moves on women but has no idea that they are doing everything in their power to avoid him.
A group of ladies are hanging out by the bar, your friend the donkuistador makes his approach and you sit back and watch as the ladies try to wiggle away from this idiot, but he keeps his attack going strong...thinking that they love him.
by jsharkey January 26, 2009
To engross oneself entirely at a champion level, whereas a person becomes a champion in all respects. The state of being "championized" can come and go, however it usually lasts longer under the influence of alcohol.
After drinking three beers in 5 minutes Joe exclaimed, "I am championized."
by jsharkey September 28, 2006
My friend Imma lives in Manila and eats balut. Baliw si Imma!
by jsharkey November 23, 2008
Poles hold items like stop signs, yield signs, construction signs. A humanpole stands on the highway with things like stop signs, yield signs, construction signs. Humanpoles replace metal and wooden poles in construction areas. What makes them so special, is that drivers are more likely to respond to the sign held by a humanpole over a metal pole. The basic job of a humanpole is to impose the threat of killing a human as opposed to a metal pole. Humanpoles are a suicide trap and are generally seen smoking.
I was driving down the highway when we were reduced to one-lane, I almost killed this guy holding the merge sign standing on the road, it was a humanpole, so I had to slow down.
by jsharkey February 5, 2009